Let's kick-start your journey with Paid DM

Guide to create your first video promoting your PaidDM

Creating your first post to promote your Paid DM can be a challenge. To make it easier, we’ve brought topics and tips our creators usually address in their first video, along with a practical example script for you to use and start promoting your Paid DM today. Let’s get started:

Topics and tips:

  • Explain the reason that led you to use Paid DM: to get closer to your most loyal community, offer an exclusive channel with guaranteed responses to your audience, an opportunity for your fans to support you, or a place where you’ll provide unique tips and advice within your niche, for example.
  • Explain how Paid DM works in practice: show where your unique link can be found (in your bio), explain the charge policy and the 48 hour response, and how the messaging exchange works.
  • Encourage them to engage with you on your PaidDM!

Still with doubts? How about check our script?

“Hello, everyone! I want to share an exciting update that will bring our community even closer together. You know how sometimes it’s challenging to respond to all the messages I receive? Well, now, with PaidDM, I’m ready to give special attention to my most loyal followers, engaging and interacting in real time.

Curious about how it works? It’s simple:

  1. To send a PaidDM, just click on the link in my bio, and you’ll be directed to my profile.
  2. After that, registration is easy and fast. Just use your email or log in through Facebook.
  3. After connecting, send me a message so I will know who you are.
  4. Remember, the messages are private, a direct interaction between us and the billing is per message, through the secure and recognized payment platform, Stripe.
  5. And to put everyone at ease, both I and the PaidDM platform prioritize your privacy. Your payment data is secure and not accessible by us.
  6. After you send your first message, I’m committed to responding within 48 hours. If I don’t respond, the message charge won’t go through.
  7. Once I reply, you’ll receive a notification via email and also on the PaidDM platform, accessible at paiddm.com.
  8. After the initial response, feel free to keep sending more messages and further explore the conversation with us.

I’m excited about this new way to connect and interact. Together, let’s explore and make the most of PaidDM!”