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How can I access a Creator’s PaidDM via Instagram?

Your favorite creator(s) has(have) a PaidDM now? Amazing! If you’re wondering how you can access their PaidDM link and start a conversations, here’s the step-by-step:

In August 2023 we made this SECURITY change due to a Google and Instagram block for external links that use social login. This small change will ensure that you will be able to access and interact with creators without errors or interruptions.

Step 1:

On your favorite creator’s profile, click on their bio link and select their PaidDM link:

Step 2:

In the direction page, you’ll copy the PaidDM link and open your favorite browser:

Step 3:

In your browser, paste the link and create your account:

Step 4:

Fill the basic information about you, and tap Continue at the end of the page:

Step 5:

Your account is ready and you can start the conversation with your favorite creator(s)!

Remember, you won’t be charged unless your creator(s) replies your message within 48h. If you have any question or a payment problem, send us an email: support@paiddm.com.