Let's kick-start your journey with Paid DM

How to Create Your Account on PaidDM Platform

It’s very simple! Just follow the 6 steps bellow:

  1. Connect your account
  2. Select the type of account you’re choosing
  3. Create your profile
  4. Connect/Create your Stripe account
  5. Set the price of your offer
  6. Done!

Connect your account

Let’s start by accessing the platform and choose the social account you’d prefer to connect with Memberse:

Select the type of account you’re choosing

In this moment, you’ll choose the type of your account between follower or creator.

Create your profile

Fill out some basic information about yourself:

  • Avatar: to relate to your social profile, remember to use the same nice photo 🙂
  • Username: the same tip above is applicable here, use the same username of your accounts to create this link and make it more easy to your followers
  • Name and Last Name: add your name and last name
  • Email: inserte a valid and active email, remember you’ll receive our notifications and messages thought this channel
  • Bio: you’ve 240 characters to share the most important things about yourself. We have an article with some extra tips and examples
  • Welcome message: greet your followers as soon as they open the chat to initiate the conversation. Pay attention to the 280 characters! And, of course, check our tips.

Connect/Create your Stripe account

We use Stripe for making and receiving payments on Memberse. Stripe is a secure and reliable payment processing platform that allows us to process payments from content consumers and deposit them directly into content creator accounts.

This process is quick and easy and will only take a few minutes. Once you’ve set up your Stripe account, you can start receiving payments from your fans.

Set the price of your offer

Now it’s the time to select the price of your Paid DM:

  • Select the currency: you can select Euro or Dollar;
  • Add a price: we already suggest for you two of our most used prices ($5 or $20). But you can also set your own custom amount. Need some tips? Check our article.


It’s all set up, creator! Remember to copy your only and personalized link to your Paid DM, paste it on your social media’s bio and let’s monetize together.